Military Equipment

“Military equipment” shall mean tactical equipment regularly acquired, maintained, or used by the United States military, including, but not limited to:

  • (a) manned aircraft
  • (b) unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • (c) wheeled or tracked armored vehicles, including mine-resistant and/or ambush- protected vehicles;
  • (d) tactical vehicles and vessels;
  • (e) command and control vehicles;
  • (f) firearms and ammunition with a caliber of .50 caliber or higher;
  • (g) firearms and ammunition under .50 caliber, other than service weapons, and ammunition therefor, issued to local police officers;
  • (h) bayonets;
  • (i) grenade launchers;
  • (j) grenades, including stun and flash-bang;
  • (k) explosives and pyrotechnics;
  • (l) silencers;
  • (m) breaching apparatus;
  • (n) riot batons, helmets, and shields;
  • (o) long-range acoustic devices;
  • (p) night vision devices; and
  • (q) camouflage uniforms.