Ban Facial Recognition in Saint Paul

Sign the petition to tell the Saint Paul City Council BAN FACIAL RECOGNITION

The use of face surveillance by law enforcement and other government agencies threatens our fundamental human right to privacy and chills our First Amendment freedoms of speech and association.

Facial recognition technology has already been used to target protesters and activists. And the threat of this especially pernicious form of surveillance extends far beyond political rallies-- Images captured outside houses of worship, medical facilities, schools, community centers, and homes would reveal familial, political, religious, and sexual partnerships.

When it comes to the future of true public safety, it is imperative that we avoid shifting from more expensive, racist, human policing to more cost-efficient, racist, technology-driven policing. By following the lead of Minneapolis, Portland, Boston and more in enacting a ban on one of the most troubling examples of surveillance technology, we can work toward broader community oversight over surveillance technologies. As community members concerned with our own privacy and safety, as well as that of our families and neighbors, we stand together in committed support of an immediate end to the governments use of face surveillance.

Tell Saint Paul to Ban FRT:

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